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Medien Akademie - Industrialized Countries on the Way to Massive Upheaval through Online Services?

In the digital age, remote and smart services are becoming increasingly important, especially for industrial companies. Efficient management of machine and process data is already the key to success in production today. Controlling machines, devices and applications remotely and thus being spatially flexible can simplify many processes and thus open up new business models in the Industry 4.0 environment. However, between the idea and implementation, many companies face numerous sales and technical challenges that need to be solved.
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Hannover Messe

HANNOVER MESSE is the most important international platform and hot spot for industrial transformation - with 66.400+ on-site attendees and 2.500+ exhibitors.
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Past Events

IT-SA - October 25-27, 2022

it-sa Expo&Congress in Nuremberg is Europe's leading trade fair for IT security and one of the most important platforms for solutions around the topics: Cloud and mobile security, data and network security or securing critical infrastructures and Industry 4.0 worldwide.

Smart Country Convention (Bitkom) - October 18-20, 2022

The Smart Country Convention is Germany’s leading event for the digital transformation of the public sector. It is one of the largest digital indicators in the German-speaking world. National and international companies, institutions, organizations, public authorities and associations present their ideas, concepts and solutions for the future of electronic administration and services for the general public.

Smart Remote Service - September 26-27, 2022

SMART REMOTE SERVICE has established itself as the largest industry event on the topic of smart services and predictive maintenance in Germany. Worldline's key topics were our robust Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) and IT/IoT monitoring solutions for critical infrastructures. 

Hannover Messe, May 30 - June 2, 2022

Thanks for meeting us at the world's leading industrial trade fair, where Worldline could explain how to address remote access security risks in critical and distributed environments.

Techdata Vendors Day - May 25, 2022 (German)

Under the theme "Digitizing Production Facilities Securely - Application Examples From Industry", Worldline took part as an official partner of Secunet. Our Sales Manager Claus Uellendall explained how to secure connectivity on a zero-trust basis and centrally control remote access for remote maintenance of machines.

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Smart Automation, 19-21.10.2021

Thank you for joining the Worldline Experts at one of  Austria's leading trade fairs for industrial automation. 

IT-SA 2021, 12.-14.10.2021

Watch the speech delivered at ITSA 2021 by our Account Manager Claus Uellendall DE):
Trusting Experience:
Three different use cases for secure transactions in industry, healthcare and banking
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Smart Remote Service, 23-24.09.2021

Learn more about Zero Trust Connectivity in industrial environments and enjoy the speech delivered by Markus Zahnjel in the course of this year's Smart Remote Service Conference in Berlin.
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Zero Trust Connectivity for industrial environments

How can the Zero Trust principle that is already applied in IT environments worldwide help industrial sites and manufacturers  protect their most valuable asset, their OT-infrastructure?
Our IIoT-Experts will talk about this in our upcoming webinar and provide you with valuable insights on how the Zero Trust principle can bring your security to the next level.
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Smart Remote Service 2020

Markus Zahnjel, Managing Director Mobility & eTransactional Services of Worldline Germany GmbH, presents the advantages of a trusted platform that guarantees comprehensive data security in worldwide use.
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Business Continuity in manufacturing and critical infrastructure

Watch this webinar to find out how Worldline's proven and highly secure solutions WL Digital Doorman and WL Remote Servicing can support the Business Continuity of manufacturers and critical infrastructures in uncertain times
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