WL Digital Doorman has been designed for OT networks following Zero Trust principles to provide a more pragmatic security. Itis a cloud-based remote access solution which provides owners of sensitive and highly critical environments, such as factories, hospitals and other industrial sites, with easy-to-use tools to centrally manage and grant restricted access to remote third parties, workers, and platforms.

With decades of experience, WL Digital Doorman ensures the highest protection level against risks associated with remote user access to critical systems by being compliant with the ISA/IEC 62443 standards.

Why choosing Worldline?

Worldline [Euronext: WLN] is a global leader in the payments industry and has been active in transational services, especially secure connectivity for more than two decades. Its portfolio addresses all stakeholders managing distributed critical infrastructures. It includes products and services from secure remote access to IT/IoT monitoring. Our forward-looking solution offerings can be used both from our certified platforms and in customers' IT/OT landscapes. With 20,000 employees in more than 50 countries, Worldline provides its customers with sustainable, trusted and innovative solutions that drive their growth.

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Testimonial - Siemens

“Siemens is a leader in digital transformation and our Congleton factory is considered to be a ‘lighthouse’ facility - showcasing new technologies. In this context, secure management with full traceability and revocability of our service partners’ digital access is critical for optimum process efficiency and seamless operations. After an incredibly smooth pilot phase at Congleton, we are in production now and hope to recommend the solution to other Siemens industrial sites in the UK.”

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assembly line


Electric motors can be found practically everywhere. Manufacturers of such equipment operate at a high capacity to fulfill various business demands. One unplanned downtime in the production can have negative consequences on customers’ side, whose production is stopped. The support team who is not necessarily on-site has to react immediately. WL Digital Doorman can be used to proactively grant your external users the required access to the impacted industrial machines.



Building trust remotely in the pharma industry has always been a challenge. Companies are the target of cyberattacks as research data and intellectual property (IP) represent a gold mine for malicious actors. While operating in a highly regulated environment, the risks of any data leaks are real and potentially endanger lives, in case an insider manages to interrupt a vaccine or drug production. WL Digital Doorman could fit perfectly with the need to maintain pharmaceutical operations by protecting critical assets and data from unauthorized users.

Water treatment plant

Energy & Utilities

Water is an absolute necessity of life. Making sure it is potable and accessible to everyone is the mission of water treatment plants which follow advanced treatment process. However, it is not without risks, particularly if a hacker remotely increases the amount of sodium hydroxide to an incredibly dangerous level in the water supply. WL Digital Doorman could ensure the safe consumption of water with more securely configured access to critical infrastructure facilities.     

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