WL Secure Remote Servicing centrally manages « secure remote connections and data transfers » between multiple end points, such as laptops, devices or servers. . It can be applied to any remote maintenance or operations use case, both User to Machine or Machine to Machine. Our solution offers a quick and efficient way to address your customers’ critical equipment needs, such as optimization of overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), when it is difficult to send technicians on site.

With decades of experience, WL Secure Remote Servicing ensures the highest protection level against risks associated with remote user access to critical systems by being compliant with the ISA/IEC 62443 standards.

Why choosing Worldline?

Worldline [Euronext: WLN] is a global leader in the payments industry and has been active in transational services, especially secure connectivity for more than two decades. Its portfolio addresses all stakeholders managing distributed critical infrastructures. It includes products and services from secure remote access to IT/IoT monitoring. Our forward-looking solution offerings can be used both from our certified platforms and in customers' IT/OT landscapes. With 20,000 employees in more than 50 countries, Worldline provides its customers with sustainable, trusted and innovative solutions that drive their growth.

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Benefits of WL Secure Remote Servicing

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Manage machines installed anywhere 

Enable remote maintenance  with remote connection from and to any place and collect equipment data for predictive maintenance or business features

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Save valuable time

Reduce reaction times thanks to immediate access to the machine

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Save money

Avoid unnecessary travel. Save travel time and costs


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Securely access your machines

Following the Zero Trust principles, maintain a high level of security to keep your customers’ environment safe from malicious actions

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Medical Devices

Medical devices (from MRI-scanners to blood analyzers) are highly regulated and they require fast reaction to outages and short-term software and antivirus updates. Therefore it is absolutely key that such devices have a robust remote servicing solution with easy user and authorization management and secure file transfer features. WL Secure Remote Servicing is perfectly suited for such a use case.

3D printing

Industrial Printers

After-Sales is particularly key for industrial printers, because of the sales of consumables (ink patterns). Producers of industrial printers are not only interested to provide remote maintenance services, they are also keen to know when their customers will be running out of ink, so they can pro-actively propose refills. WL Secure Remote Servicing is the perfect enabler for such a use case!

Edge Video Analytics

Video Analytics is being deployed in various areas: airport security, quality assurance in manufacturing, security at railway crossings, etc. The heavy lifting of the analytics is often done at the edge and it is important to have secure means to remotely access the edge server and video analytics solution (including the associated cameras and their feeds) for maintenance and cloud transfer purposes. WL Secure Remote Servicing offers the secure connectivity means to support such use cases.

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