boom - IT & IOT Monitoring FAQ


  • What does boom stand for?

    boom stands for Business Open Operations Management. It is a monitoring tool enabling service and infrastructure monitoring in a holistic way.

    What is the relationship between boom and other Worldline Industrial IoT offerings?

    boom is complementary to Worldline Secure Remote Servicing, as the monitoring tool to monitor and control equipments remotely.

    Is boom for IT, OT or IoT ?

    boom originates in classical IT infrastructure monitoring. However, its flexibility makes it especially suitable for managing OT and IoT contexts and field systems. boom also provides the ability to gather all monitored domains (IT, OT, IoT) in a single holistic view.

    How does boom differentiate from mainstream monitoring solutions?

    There are two main differentiators with other monitoring solutions on the market:

    1. boom's customization capability, allowing tailor-made monitoring for end to end service monitoring in heterogenous environments combining IT, OT and/or IoT

    2. boom smart agents, which are not only forwarding events but are as well capable of pre-qualifying or enriching data, AND enable automated reactions or remote commands.

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    What is the boom delivery model?

    The boom delivery model is preferably provided in a licence mode for on premise deployment. SaaS delivery model can be discussed.

    Does boom support end to end service monitoring?


    Does boom comply with GDPR?


    Can I use boom for monitoring equipments in a highly secure environment?

    Yes, boom security level fits highly secure environments. boom is for instance used for monitoring ATMs, banks IT infrastructure, or even medical devices in hospitals.

    Does boom support traffic monitoring?

    No. Network traffic monitoring is not part of boom scope.


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